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The Older Patient

If you had a much loved, and dearly needed older car would you forget about giving it a service? Would you only give it a check up when it actually broke down? Often we treat ourselves far less well than the mechanical things around us that are actually not as precious as we are and certainly not as irreplaceable!

The McTimoney treatment is suitable for people of all ages

As we get older there may be a myriad of health issues that challenge us. However, old age in it itself is not an illness. Often people will put up with pain or discomfort putting it down to getting older. This can be hiding the fact that there may be old injuries that have never completely resolved, or as a result of poor posture (which becomes ever more challenging with the aging process), or the knock on effect of another illness that may be part of the picture.

With this gentle and effective treatment, some of your aches and pains may resolve e.g. knee pains can sometimes feel much better when the hips are properly aligned, so they are being used in their correct position. Neck stiffness or joint restrictions are also often taken as a normal part of aging however mobility may be improved with good alignment.

Many people benefit from regular (3-monthly for some, 6 monthly for others, or a yearly check up) or routine treatment. This means that you get a check up before things start to go wrong, and can prevent you suffering more acute discomfort (much as you might have regular dental check ups).

Serious & Chronic Illness

Many patients who are dealing with more serious illness may find that though not associated with their main and most pressing health issue, that they generally have aches or pains and everything is put down to their main problem. Often the stress of a serious illness will cause muscle tightness, as will pain, which in turn can affect alignment and start to have an overall effect on your general health. It may lighten your burden to have good alignment to ensure that this is not adding to the problems you are facing. For example I have had patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Parkinson's disease that have had less pain with regular treatment (I stress this will not change the primary illness, but may ease some of the discomfort that you may have had anyway). I have had many patients with chronic illness such as Multiple Sclerosis who have found great benefit from regular treatment, especially where the muscle tone of the body results in many falls.

Please call to discuss whether your particular problems may benefit from this type of whole body treatment.