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In 1997 a survey of patients was conducted on behalf of the McTimoney Association. The following is a summary of the results:

  • 89% of patients rated their satisfaction with the McTimoney treatment they had received as either "extremely" or "very satisfied".
  • 85% felt that McTimoney treatment had been "very beneficial" in the management of their painful condition.
  • 62% sought McTimoney treatment for low back pain.
  • 93% had recommended McTimoney treatment to their family and friends.

Testimonials from some of Gails patients:

'As a M.S. sufferer I decided to try McTimoney treatment for my sever lower back pain which was caused by the difficulty I have in walking. Gail firstly explained why I was experiencing such pain. This was very helpful in understanding the root causes. She told me that my pelvis was the cause of my pain. After the treatment, which is gentle and not at all painful, I feel almost instant relief. The pain has eased and the muscles feel relaxed. My walking improves. Unfortunately, because of my poor gait, my pelvis is prone to going out of alignment; however, sorting it out again is not such a big job as it once was. I enjoy my visits, not just because she eases my pain but also because it's a nice, relaxing experience and Gail is a nice person. Visiting on a monthly basis is now part of my routine and has been for several years' K.B. 30 year old MS sufferer

'How can something so gentle be any use was my first reaction. Now, several years later I know how effective it is and rely on Gail to keep my back mobile and largely free of pain'
Retired Police Officer

'I had treatment from Gail as I know her, though was a sceptic! However, a 20 year old shoulder problem is now pain free, and as a result I sleep much better. Occasionally I have a preventative check up, which keeps me well'.
54 year old Male:

'I was persuaded 30 years ago to see a McTimoney therapist to cure a long standing neck problem. I was a skeptic, but it worked in one session. I have since had McTimoney Therapy sessions for neck, back and hip re-alignments. It is not too dramatic a statement to say it changed my life, even saved my life from awful pain and difficulty. I consider it essential maintenance!'
J.W. 60 year old female