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Treatment during pregnancy:

During your pregnancy your body will undergo many emotional and physical changes. Many of the more obvious changes result in heartburn and indigestion, morning sickness, sciatica, back pain and tiredness.

The aim of a course of treatment is to help the body realign itself, thereby restoring correct nerve function, so you are in the best possible positon through this time.

The gentleness of the McTimoney treatment makes it especially suitable for pregnant women. The whole body approach of the treatment can enhance the health and well-being of both mother and developing baby. Treatment from the third month onwards in pregnancy can reduce pain and discomfort. For example, back pain is often caused by changes in posture as the baby grows resulting in movement of the pelvis. Also, during pregnancy, the ligaments gradually soften, vital for giving birth but leading to increased stress on joints.

The McTimoney treatment re-aligns the spine, pelvis and other joints, removing the strain. Regular treatment through pregnancy can keep symptoms to a minimum, and your pelvic girdle can be maintained in its optimum position in readiness for the delivery of the baby.

You may be given advice on posture, simple stretching exercises, and advice on how to lift and carry to prevent injury, both before and after the birth.

You can begin receiving treatment after the first three months of your pregnancy and this can continue until the birth. The number of treatments needed is very individual and will be discussed at your first consultation. However, for some women it is beneficial to have monthly treatments until the last four weeks of pregnancy when weekly visits may be advised. More misalignments tend to occur in the last month of pregnancy, either due to hormonal changes or due to the increasing size and weight of your baby.

You will also be advised about how post natal treatment may help you as you re-establish the natural position of the joints, muscles and pelvis. It can also be good to check and treat your baby after the stress of the birth process. (see the section on treatment for babies and children)