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Babies & Children

The aim of this treatment is to correct the alignment of the spine, thus ensuring that the body's nerve supply works efficiently. The gentle nature of the McTimoney adjustment makes it especially suitable for young babies and children. A full case history regarding your child's general health background as well as details of their symptoms will be taken at your child's first appointment. This will help in assessing any analysing their particular problem.


Birth is probably one of the toughest events we undergo as humans. A baby's body has to squeeze through a small birth canal to be born. In doing so the baby's head in particular will absorb much of the shock, and the soft bones will yield slightly allowing it to travel down the birth canal. This is called "moulding". After birth the baby's head will gradually revert to a more normal shape. However, if the "unmoulding" process does not take place completely, babies can be left in some discomfort, which they are unable to communicate.

Many babies cope extremely well with the process of birth and emerge contented, happy, and able to feed, sleep and grow normally. However, for some recovery can take longer, especially those who had a particularly difficult entry into the world, for example by Caesarean, Forceps or Ventouse cap. These babies may show some, or all, or a combination of the following signs:

  • Irritability, fractiousness, poor sleeps, difficulty in settling.
  • Feeding problems, colic, sickness and wind, arching away from the breast.
  • Continuous crying.

All of these could indicate that there is a misalignment in the baby's skeletal system and that the baby is uncomfortable as a result. These misalignments could be causing discomfort both when lying down and when lifted, hence many parents report that whatever they do, whether they lift their baby up or lie them down, it seems to make no difference, and the crying continues. Feeding problems may indicate that there is interference with nerves at the base of the skull and that the digestive system is compromised, or more simply the baby may be uncomfortable sucking due to mechanical stresses on its skeletal structure. Stresses often occur around the joint of the jawbone, especially after a forceps delivery. Latching on to the nipple becomes difficult and milk transfer inefficient.

Older children

Most children easily shrug off the rough and tumble of daily life. As life progresses, however, there are many incidents that can lead to niggling discomfort, poor concentration, and inability to sit still, and also more specific problems such as back or neck pain, migraines and headaches. These childhood problems can be a result of a difficult birth, accidents, poor posture, carrying heavy bags, sitting at ill-fitting furniture.

There is not always a clear reason for a bony misalignment or the interference of the nerves however it may be an indication for being checked and treated if your child suffers unduly from any of the following:

  • Some childhood asthma.
  • Learning difficulties and behavioural problems including poor concentration, inattentiveness, fidgeting and difficulty sitting still, clumsiness or poor co-ordination.
  • Vulnerability to infections such as ear infections, repetitive colds, sinus or dental problems.
  • Autism some children have been found to gain improvements in some of their difficulties with good alignment.

Please feel free to call and talk over any difficulties you may be having with your child to see if this may be an appropriate treatment for them.