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gail futcher

Gail Futcher - BA (Hons), D.C., L.S.S.M.

I trained as a McTimoney therapist after having problems with my own back for many years, and found this technique helped me. Having at last found a way to help me, it was also enormously beneficial to understand what could be done to recover from the accidents I had had and how to keep well.

I've worked with farmers, shearers, shepherds, athletes, teenagers, pregnant women and then their offspring, the very elderly and those with busy working lives, through 16 years of clinical experience. People experience different health issues including serious problems such as arthritis, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis. Whilst McTimoney treatment cannot change those illnesses, it can help relieve some of the symptoms, and make the day-to-day challenges easier to cope with by keeping the body in better balance.

Whatever your job, lifestyle or health challenge, I hope to help you improve and manage the problem you may be experiencing, and find ways to keep well, and to be able to live your life in the way you choose.

I am happy to have a chat to see if this method may be of help to you. I will be working at Urban Nature, Enmore, opposite Edgeware Road Car Park, (near Sydney City) on Mondays, and from Pendle Hill (west of Parramatta) on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You can reach me on 0450 212 725 and leave a text or voicemail message if I am not able to answer.


  • BA (Hons) Social Sciences 1986
  • Diploma in McTimoney Therapy 1996
  • Diploma in Sports massage from London School of Sports Massage 1995

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